Face Palm

Face Palm

For some reason or another, more and more people seem to be posting on WickedFire that have ethical dilemmas with affiliate marketing. Another one of these threads popped up just before my class last Thursday.

Is affiliate marketing ethical?

This is the big question these people have. At its core, affiliate marketing is just helping one company get extra business and you getting a percentage of its profits. There are no shades of gray. Like any business model, there are many ways to go about it; not all of them are ethical.

Products for the ethically conscious

This brings us to the subject of the post. There was a guest speaker from CoffeeCup Software in our class on Thursday. J. Cornelius was there to speak about where the web has come from and where he sees it going. But, he also spoke a lot about the innovations CoffeeCup Software has done in their business and some currently in the pipeline.

Now, like any Internet marketer, I was thinking about how to monetize what he was saying. And this made me think back to those threads I keep seeing on WickedFire. So, after class I had a talk with J. Cornelius.

He’s a cool guy, and said that a lot of their products are on Commission Junction. Now, while I’m not too fond of the CJ platform, it does mean that you get to have a wide choice of products that you don’t feel guilty about. There’s some on every network, so you don’t have to go with Commission Junction.

So, if you’re thinking that affiliate marketing is all about pushing berries and rebills to take people’s money for shitty products, that’s not the case. CoffeeCup Software has a lot of products to choose from, all of which give someone a very useful product. In fact, one of their creatives has a $19 EPC, which isn’t too bad. There’s lots of ways to monetize that stuff, including copying some of their images, writing reviews, and just linking to it with your CJ link. You don’t have to just use their banners provided.

I’m just tired of people thinking that affiliate marketing is just there to rip people off, it’s not. There’s plenty of money to be made, you just have to know how to look for products that you’re comfortable with.

/End Rant

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